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Wednesday, March 21st, 3PM-3AM.



VOODOO was created on the notion that music is to be shared and not for profit. Every measure to keep the financial impact as low as possible, to those who support has been taken, while also ensuring that QUALITY is never compromised and that both artists and supporters never feel their contribution has been anything less than incredibly worthwhile.

With this said, tickets and bar will be kept as inexpensive as possible.

VOODOO also always strives to provide artists with the best possible tools and the proper amount of time to truly express themselves artistically, rewarding supporters.

Artists that perform at every VOODOO believe wholeheartedly in this mission.

Brandt Brauer Frick and Ripperton live and breath integrity and their output musically stands to show for it and will stand the test of time. When planning on exporting VOODOO to other cities beyond Los Angeles, BBF and Ripperton were on the top of our list for more reasons than one. After an awe-inspiring live set this past November in a Los Angeles auditorium, and an impromptu dj set at Pattern Bar courtesy of Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer, and Paul Frick, we were determined to bring them back to the US. The auditorium they played in was just not the right fit for this show. They needed to play VOODOO. So, here it is, not one city but 3 to see these humble music astros in full effect. It’s important to note that these guys also have collaborated in the production of every video they have brought to life. Daniel Brandt is also a filmmaker.

Ripperton, on the other hand, is an artist we’ve actually been waiting for the right moment to book. His taste in music and left field sets have always been amongst our favorites out there. He can compile the oddest and most intriguing music in one second and take you on a deep entrancing dance floor ready, energy driven journey in the other.
His versatility is stunning.

This will be Ripperton’s USA debut.

Performing exclusively for VOODOO tour:

SHAUN REEVES | Visionquest
EDUARDO CASTILLO | Crosstown Rebels
JONNY CRUZ | My Favorite Robot
FUR COAT | Crosstown Rebels

A bit about Brandt Brauer Frick
For Brandt Brauer Frick, the drums, strings and pianos that have long been the bedrock of Western music serve as the common thread between the classical past and their techno present. But while devoted to the rich tones and timbres of orchestral instrumentation, the German trio’s rousing tracks are rhythmically focused and rendered with the mechanical precision of four-to-the-floor club tracks. Their singular vision of acoustic dance music springs to life in their engaging live performances and on their debut LP, You Make Me Real.

“We had felt for years that most instances of combining techno and classical music lack an authentic approach,” says Paul Frick. “Instead of using only the typical epic orchestra or piano sounds, we love to explore the dirty and percussive sides of those instruments, adapting techniques from composers like John Cage or Helmut Lachenmann: preparing our piano with screws and rubbers, knocking against every single part of an instrument, until we find that one great sound.”

READ MORE: http://www.brandtbrauerfrick.de/

A bit about Ripperton
Ripperton was born in the 70′s, one of the most exciting times in music, which would explain his passion for soul music, his 12 inch vinyl collection which knows no bounds and his nickname, (think of one of the best female soul singers of that time).
He gained outstanding popularity with his project Lazy Fat People that was signed to labels like Border Community, Wagon Repair and Carl Craig’s Planet E, as well as new successes as a solo artist known as Ripperton.

Ripperton, has enjoyed working in the studio with fellow Swiss producers, such as Sthlm Audio and Plak Records. He’s also released tracks on MusicMan, Green, CLR, Systematic , Liebe Detail, Connaisseur, Caravan, Dessous and many more top labels, and delivered remixes for Ellen
Allien, Jimspter, Laurent Garnier, Beanfield and the exceptional Radiohead. Very popular with artists such as Steve Bug, Carl Craig, James Holden, Apparat, Osunlade, Joris Voorn in their compilations over the last few years.

READ MORE: http://www.ripperton.com/

A bit about Shaun Reeves
Shaun Reeves is an enigmatic pioneer who’s trailblazing quest to export his unique brand of cosmic underground house and techno from his hometown of Detroit to Europe and beyond has brought him international acclaim. Alongside best friends Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Seth Troxler he has helped put a warm, esoteric spin on the city’s musical heritage taking it away from clinical minimalism, back towards warmer, more spiritual party music. Together they have formed Visionquest, a genre-busting four-piece DJ combo, live act, record label and forward-thinking school of thought.

The last few years have seen Shaun blossom in the studio, both on his own for New York’s Wolf+Lamb, as ‘The Royal We’ with Seth Troxler for Crosstown Rebels, alongside Guti and Miss Fitz for Wolf+Lamb and Raum…musik and most recently as Visionquest remixing Tracey Thorn (for Strange Feeling), doP & Seuil (for Eklo) and Paul Ritch & D’Julz (for Quartz Music).

A bit about Fur Coat
Fur Coat is the brainchild of Sergio Muñoz (Delete) and Israel Sunshine, two producers from Venezuela who since turning the head of Crosstown Rebels boss Damian Lazarus are breaking through on the global house scene with their fresh and groovy funk infused sound. A combination of live vocals, cosmic tripping and a huge remix by Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs for their first single ‘Space Ballad feat. Argenis Brito’ made the duo one to watch and the debut album in production is already whipping up excitement in the Rebels camp. Get ready to watch the Fur Coat story unfold.
Unwittingly growing up streets apart, Sergio and Israel first met at a party in 2004 in their hometown of Caracas, Venezuela where Israel was already building up a reputation as a DJ. A friendship grew as they kept in touch and Israel became a supporter of Sergio’s early solo productions. By 2005, they were at the centre of their own scene, playing out together, bringing international DJs to Venezuela and their Undersounds parties, later picking up gigs across the pond from Barcelona to Ibiza as well as touring South America.

With Israel now working on his own material, crunch time came in Barcelona, Summer 2010 when the pair decided to develop their sound collectively, taking inspiration from their travels on the continent and intent on making something fresh and futuristic, with shades of the soul, funk and disco music they share as influences. Combined with the omnipresence of Latin music growing up, a formative cocktail of Giorgio Moroder, Larry Levan and the Allegre All Stars and Salsa Brava led to a vibrant musical philiosophy and powerful desire to work their magic on the dancefloor. The Fur Coat project was born.
The duo’s debut outing came on Rebels offshoot label RebelLION with a slick remix of Russ Yallop’s ‘The Crossroads’ and now, with the backing of the underground’s most prolific label, Crosstown Rebels, an upcoming single featuring Big Bully and album expected in 2012, Fur Coat is about to fly in full effect.

A bit about Jonny Cruz
Born in San Juan Puerto Rico in the beginning of the eighties.
Jonny has been involved in the electronic music circuit for quite sometime now.
He has a variety of releases under different aliases and genres, he has shared the stage with many of the industries top acts, and has had memorable performances at some of the best clubs globally. His music is very versatile in the sense that he loves to explore and constantly push boundaries. Expect lots of new material coming up from Jonny, projects include his next EP on his main stay label My Favorite Robot.
collaborations with artists such as Inxec,Sierra Sam,Cesare vs.Disorder,Tolga Fidan,
Thugfucker amongst many more…

Voodoo practices are based on the notion of evoking spirits and using music as a vessel for manifestations.

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